We Want Your Help

There are many ways you can make a personal difference through the ACUAS. Check out these volunteer positions available, or offer your personal expertise in something else!

Marketing and Promotional Manager

We need someone to help us coordinate our efforts in order to get our message out to the large number of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) users, businesses, and other organizations who are interested in using sUAS technology. This position also includes building an overall marketing strategy, planning and creating promotional items, and building the ACUAS through fundraising. This role can potentially lead to a paid position.

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Social Media Manager

Social media is going to be a significant part of our efforts to connect with organizations, provide ACUAS updates, and find new members. We need help creating a positive and consistent public image online, with one or more volunteers who can occasionally post updates to our online accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. This position will not require as much time as other needed volunteer help, but it is definitely important to the success of our mission.

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Legal Assistance

Building the ACUAS on firm legal footing is absolutely essential, and we need help to do it. We are looking for someone who has a legal background and a passion for the use of sUAS, you are the person we are looking for! Our immediate goals include incorporating as a non-profit trade association and establishing the structure and bylaws of our organization. In the near future we will also be looking at the legal strategies of our industry advocacy efforts. This role can potentially lead to a paid position.

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There are a variety of ways that a dedicated individual can help ACUAS even with little or no prior experience. Not only can this greatly benefit the organization, but it can also give you the chance to learn new skills by working with a growing non-profit trade association. An internship with the ACUAS is an opportunity to connect with many important people in the rapidly-developing sUAS industry, and a very helpful stepping stone in your sUAS career.

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