What is ACUAS

The ACUAS is a non-profit trade association, advocating for the commercial use of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS). ACUAS membership is open to any person, business, or organization with a common interest in supporting the commercial use of unmanned aircraft. We are focused on improving regulations and public communication in order to move the sUAS industry forward in providing safe and beneficial commercial operations. Founded in September of 2014, the ACUAS continues to grow as more people are getting involved. It is important to us to listen to our members as we shape the specific goals and strategies of the organization, however we are firmly based on adhering to our mission and principles.



Our Mission

The ACUAS is dedicated to supporting the users of sUAS who share a common interest in maximizing the practical and economic potential of the technology. By maintaining standards of professionalism and courtesy, the ACUAS strives to represent its membership as a respectable association of serious individuals, businesses, and organizations. Through open communication with all involved, the ACUAS works toward coordinated advocacy and cooperative industry improvements. With a priority on improving industry regulations and public relations, the advocacy efforts of the ACUAS seek to leverage the power of its membership’s numbers and resources to educate policy makers and the public. Additionally, for the long-term growth and success of the sUAS industry, the ACUAS focuses on developing cooperative efforts to increase safety and providing helpful services and benefits to its members by building itself into a strong organization with sufficient resources to succeed in its mission.



Our Principles

The ACUAS was founded with a firm belief in the following principles:

  • UAS technologies offer incredible positive benefits to society
  • Individuals and businesses have a right to develop and benefit from commercial UAS operations
  • UAS operations must be conducted safely and responsibly, with respect to all persons and property
  • UAS operations should be restricted via fair and appropriate regulations and enforcement to the extent necessary to ensure safety
  • Both manned and unmanned aircraft have the right to operate in the sky
  • We must open and maintain a clear path for commercial sUAS now, without delay and without restrictive barriers-to-entry.

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